About us

Sdu Shipping is part of the package Nerherlands Merchant Shipping Legislation. This package contains a complete and up-to-date overview of Dutch and international laws and regulations relevant to Dutch maritime shipping in the field of nationality provision to ships, maritime safety, prevention of pollution by ships, crew regulations and social regulations.

The package consists of:
• This online Sdu Shipping (in Dutch and English) with the complete relevant regulations. The online is downloadable for applications without a continuous internet connection.
• A monthly e-mail newsletter (either in Dutch or English) with brief information about changes in legislation and regulations.
 and the following books:
• Jaarboek Wetgeving voor de Scheepvaart with the relevant Dutch legislation.
• Yearbook Netherlands Merchant Shipping Legislation with the relevant Dutch regulations, unauthorized translation into English
• Introduction to Legislation for Shipping: a bilingual thematic introduction with a practically-oriented introduction to legislation and regulations.

Netherlands Merchant Shipping is edited by:
• C.R van den Berg
• J.M.M. Elskamp
• ing. F. Kersbergen
• T. Lupgens
• T.W.A. Westra

 The Netherlands Merchant Shipping package is an annual subscription with quarterly invoicing.