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How do I create a personal account?

You will receive temporary log-in codes at the start of your subscription. These login details are one-time login details. You are requested to change this in a combination of your e-mail address and a self-chosen password. You do this by creating a personal account

  1. Go to
  2. Follow the steps on the screen
  3. You will receive an e-mail with a confirmation link
  4. With this link you activate your personal account
  5. You can use your subscription (s)

How do I log in for the 2nd and following times?

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your personal account
  3. You can use your subscription (s)

How does the administrator function work?

Are there multiple users of the subscription within your organization? Then you can manage these subscriptions yourself. The person who first creates a personal account with the new log-in codes receives this administrative function.
Go to Manage Accounts and choose Manage Accounts. Choose Een gebruiker aanmaken and enter a valid email address, salutation (Aanhef), last name (Achternaam) and initials (Voorletters). The new user receives an activation email. After confirmation, the user can complete his personal profile. It is important to fill in the box behind Bedrijf/vestiging, see the next question.

How do I create a watermark for the offline version?

A watermark is required for the offline version. You enter this information as follows:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your personal account
  3. Go to Gebruikersbeheer
  4. Select Mijn Profiel
  5. In the right-hand column behind Bedrijf/vestiging, enter the IMO number (IMO XXXXXXX). No IMO number? Then enter the name of the shipping company or the ship
  6. Select Opslaan
  7. Select Offline version in the menu and follow the directions there

NB The watermark and any required activation key can only be made with this information.

User without internet

Send the email with activation link to the manager at your shipping company, agent or service provider. They can create your personal account and make a download of the files. The initial download is also available on CD-ROM, updates can be mailed. Users without internet need an activation key. This can be found by the administrator at your shipping company, agent or service provider.
Follow the instructions on the Offline version page.

NB The activation key is only created if Bedrijf/vestiging is filled (see How do I create a watermark for the offline version?).

How can I get the activation keys?

Activation keys are only shown to the administrator. Choose Manage Accounts from the menu on the left. You will see your users here with Email address, Company name  and Activation code . Send this information to the user. These three data has to filled in when starting the offline version.

NB Users who make an offline version by the internet do not need an acitvation key.

How can I update the offline version?

The online is continuously updated. If there are significant changes, this will be reported in the News section on the home page and in the email newsletter.
You should regularly update the offline version manually. Choose, for example, every first Monday of the month. Update at least once per quarter or if this is recommended at News or in the email newsletter.

Go to the offline version tab. Follow the instructions on this page under update.

Customer service

Do you have a question about the subscription, an invoice or do you want to change your details? Please contact our Customer Service. We are available by phone on weekdays between 8.30 and 17.30 on 070-378 98 80. Do you want us to contact you? Please fill in the contact form.